About Us

Simply Mini is an online children’s boutique based in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. We carry the best basics for babies and toddlers in super soft fabrics and cool, modern colors and designs. We also have fun accessories, toys, and books, plus select items for women!

Shop now to find a specially curated gift, fill out your little one’s wardrobe, or make a donation with your purchase to support vulnerable children in Kootenai County.

Simply Mini is the dream I never knew I had.

I left my office job when our oldest was born, and I always planned to wait until we had kids in school full time to go back to work. I'm an introvert, most comfortable at home, and I love being with our kids all of the time (most of the time).

But in the spring of 2021, God gave me the idea and the nudge to open a children's boutique. It seemed like too big of a dream at first, but detailed ideas kept coming to mind and I couldn't ignore the excitement I felt. I recognized the need in my city for a place to shop for quality, modern basics, as well as for businesses to partner with local nonprofits that serve vulnerable children in the community.

As I started pursuing the idea, I realized my seemingly disconnected skills and interests would all come together perfectly to enable me to start a shop: business, journalism, graphic and web design, and of course, tiny baby clothes.

Sales is the very last type of position I would ever want or be good at, but owning a shop and curating baby goods doesn't feel like that at all. I love to meet other moms and caregivers and share the very best brands and products I've found for my own kids. I hope you love them too.

—Mattea McPhee, Owner